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Posted by ojai22 on April 27, 2008

UPDATE: May 15, 2008 [at bottom of article]

Until recently I didn’t know about the link between sunshine and vision. The more research I’ve done for this article, the more amazed I am at what I have learned about the power of the sun to make us whole.

I have used super blue-green algae for several years so I can see better than many people much younger than I. In recent months I found a blurriness as I looked at things at a distance, though I could read print smaller than the phone book, up close. Also, my left eye has most of the fuzziness, even up close.

I have a digital clock in my bedroom. Small, with a black background and red letters. For months now, when I checked the time at night, I saw only a red blur. Difficult to tell what time it was.

I learned of a particular exercise during this research that I didn’t believe was possible, but I have tried it myself and know it works – – –

Use the morning sun, the afternoon sun is too bright. Look toward the sun, Not directly at it. Never directly at it. Find a place that allows you to look so that you get the full spectrum of the sun directly into your eyes. You can move your eyes around, no need to stare at one spot.

Sit there for 20 minutes. The healing power of the sun is entering your body through your eyes which are a part of your brain. Do this every day. Just being in the sun without sunglasses will help you, too.

During the winter months the morning sun isn’t available from my apartment but I was determined to check this out. I tried the sun sinking in the west at first. I found the light quite glaring so only sat there about 3 minutes. That night I noticed the clock was clearer…just a little.

Encouraged, I looked toward the sun for 5 full minutes. Focused on a tree and thought about how people romped in the sun before they were told how much sun they needed, and how sunlight would affect their eyes adversely. Children spend all day playing outside in the sunshine, without sunglasses, and are happy and healthy. We’re told to cover up, wear sunglasses, and douse ourselves with a chemical concoction called sunscreen. If someone gets cancer, it’s blamed on the sun, not the chemicals we spend hours rubbing into our skin. If you’re out in the hot sun for long periods, do use a sunscreen, just make sure it is natural with no chemicals to damage your skin. Certainly wear sunglasses at the beach, or if you’re driving. Or tramping through the snow. There’s a place for them. How about all those folks in Tropical zones – what did they do before sunglasses and sunscreen? They were probably healthier.

During the 1940’s and 50’s it was decided, without any scientific evidence at all, how much we needed of each vitamin. For Vitamin D, the dosage was set at 400 I.U. They didn’t consider that you could spend a day at the beach and generate 10,000 I.U.

During my research I learned of a woman who had cancer and had spent all her money for treatments. She still had the cancer and was terribly distraught, of course. She was told to sit in the sun in a bathing suit and take lots of good calcium. She increased both those items over a period of weeks then went back for a check-up. No more cancer. Folks, there is healing power in the sun.

I finished the 5 minutes and started up the hall. Across that room, up the hallway, and across another room, everything was sharp and clear. There was a feeling inside that I couldn’t identify as I had never felt it before. No words for it, but finally thought – if I could have all my internal organs bathed in sunlight I think it would feel like this.

That night I saw the clock clearly. The red numerals stood our sharply. And the clearness stayed with me for a couple more days. At that time, the sun’s position was changing in the heavens. I would get the morning sun soon on my north balcony and would do this test properly.

* * * *

First Day on northern balcony — Spent 5 minutes looking toward, actually near, the sun. Later there seems to be a difference, but I can’t pinpoint it.

Second Day – 12 minutes. Then looked around at the neighborhood. Definitely a difference. Covered the right eye. The difference is in the left eye, objects are not quite as fuzzy.

Third Day – 22 minutes. Got carried away. Before re-entering a dark room, turned around to look out over the rooftops to soften the extreme from light to dark. Vision sharper, more in focus in left eye.

Fourth Day – 20 minutes. Amazing – what used to be tree-shaped greenery in the distance looks different now. I can pick out the individual trees. Why doesn’t everyone know about this?

Fifth Day – 20 minutes. There’s a definite difference in my eyes. It feels like each one is now a pathway leading inside, like an obstruction has been removed. Difficult to explain.

I stood on a street corner, looked across the street, down one block and across another street to a drugstore on the corner. It’s no longer fuzzy. Details are clearer than they used to be. I learned I can see better and more clearly during midday without sunglasses if I wear a hat with a brim to shade my eyes. I must keep this up but I think what has happened so far is a good indication of what is possible.


While I was waiting for the sun to change positions I was taking a break from writing this article and started having second thoughts about it. There is so much info out there warning us against the sun. Mainstream media constantly reminds us of the dangers of sunshine. There’s a constant barrage of consumer products thrown at us, things we absolutely must have if we’re going to survive the life-giving sun. I felt overwhelmed by it. I had decided I probably wouldn’t publish this article.

Fast forward a few days – I was at amazon.com checking out some health-related books I wanted to order when I came across another one that I had heard about, Swanson on Swanson, the autobiography of Gloria Swanson. The price was right: $ .01, plus $3.99 postage. Turned out to be four bucks well spent!

At one point in Ms. Swanson’s life she had had surgery which left her in great pain. Her doctor said she would need more surgery, plus drugs to make her well. She declined both. When she asked the doctor about the healing power of the sun, he didn’t know anything about it but warned her she might get an infection. A bad idea from his point of view.

The tiny, strong-willed Ms Swanson decided to take charge of her own health. Her description of how she got the sun to shine where the sun never shines is quite comical, but what she did, worked. In three weeks she was well, rested, and ready to go back to work. No surgery, no drugs. A smart, determined woman!

I couldn’t possibly read the account of her ordeal and discard this article. Her story re-enforced what I was learning about the sun and I discovered it at just the right time. We need to know all we can learn about the healing power of the sun and consciously make it a part of our daily life, instead of hiding from it. After all, it is benevolent – all life on this planet is made possible by the dazzling rays of the sun. So catch a few!


UPDATE: May 15, 2008

On Day 6, the fascination continued. When I came inside from the balcony the first thing that caught my attention was a large plant. I had always noticed how the new leaves were a lighter green than the older ones, but this time I saw it in a light I had never seen before.There were so many shades of green within the light and dark. Plus, it sparkled in places where the light caught it more directly. The entire plant seemed to glow in the light. I was suddenly mesmerized by it’s beauty and I’ve had it for 8 years.

At noon one day I sat and observed the trees around me. The interplay of light and shadow was fascinating. I had never looked at it so keenly before. The Princess Anne Palm had sparkles of light on it’s fronds that twinkled in the wind like it had tiny Christmas lights all over it.

Then the color came into play. I had always been aware of color but not in this way. The evergreen with the deep,  almost black, shadows near the trunk, it’s large, flat, splayed branches with a nearby Morning Glory’s purple blooms racing across them. I began to understand what was happening. I was seeing the sunlight more clearly than usual, though it had always been there to be seen. In the sunlight is the full spectrum of colors so they were becoming more vivid and magical. It happens to be May when the Jacaranda trees are in bloom. Purple trees with some new green leaves just appearing – what beauty there is in Nature. And what joy to be awakening more fully to it.


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