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Posted by ojai22 on July 21, 2017


My children were very young and my washer decided to take a break so I got the dirty clothes together and headed for the laundromat. Loaded the washers and stood leaning on one of them, waiting.

Suddenly the building disappeared. I’m looking at a big dark night sky. I see a star in the lower right-hand corner, rising upward at an angle. I know it is myself.

In the upper left-hand corner I see another star moving downward. I knew it was my husband at that time. I watch the two move closer and closer together. Then I realized – they’re going to crash into each other! They did. Violently. The force of the crash changed the direction of both of them. His star went straight down, like a rock; mine started climbing straight upward, putting distance between us.

This was reminiscent of another vision but there is a change with this one. My ex has disappeared completely and I am climbing slowly upward alone in the blackness of the night. I look upward, and there, hanging in the darkness is a big, beautiful star, huge, and shining like a diamond. I’m on a course that will cause another crash, or so it seems.

The brilliant star represents understanding on a level that I have never known before. Beyond anything that thought has offered as our existence. As I reach that understanding and it reveals itself as who and what I am, there are no stars. I have dissolved into a Light that can’t be understood by the limitation of thought. It lights up the darkness of my world.  It is Freedom.

The vision ended and I turned my attention to my dirty laundry.





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