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Posted by ojai22 on July 29, 2017

RECENTLY a friend read Pro-Choice? and disagreed with me on certain points because we have too many children in the world that aren’t being cared for already. Sometimes it seems that the only entertainment most of the people in the world have is sex. Of course children have problems, but the parents are THE problem.

The article is found here: https://ojai22.wordpress.com/2014/01/

My friend also mentioned that the father wasn’t mentioned in the article; there are two people involved in making a baby. No, I did not address that fact as the main topic in today’s world seems to be the cry of the woman: I have a right to choose what happens to my body. Of course she does. So does that little one growing inside her. It’s conception is it’s right to life.

The dad – several years ago I was watching a TV show in which the middle-aged couple found themselves pregnant. She started weaving back and forth about whether or not she would have it. He sat quietly while she deliberated about whether or not she was going to kill his baby. I was screaming at the TV set: “It’s his baby, too!” But he sat there like a lump as if he was an innocent bystander. From their conversation you’d think they were talking about a puppy.

I have learned this – we know what we are going to go through before we come here. And we come here to learn a particular lesson, or lessons. You can look at someone’s situation and want to help them out of it. But what do you know of what they are learning, where this terrible thing will take them spiritually? Can you say what is best for them, or when/where they should end their life? You’ve made a choice about your own body, that little one made a choice, too – to be born, to grow, to learn, to fail, to hurt, to love and be loved.

I know children should be fed and cared for like they were the precious things they are. No child should be hungry, or out in the cold. Many children in that condition were born to parents that were also born into that sorry state. There’s no justification for a child to be hungry or ill-clad. Or unloved.

In his book, Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy, Dirk Benedict says about his arthritis, weight fluctuation, drinking, cancer, etc: “remove any of these and you diminish the fabric of my life —my joy has been because of these.” He learned the hard way that you must meet the challenge. We get into an experience, we’re hurt and it scares us. Then we think we don’t deserve this, so we turn and run from it. We do ourselves a great disservice by not seeing it through. As Krishnamurti says, “It isn’t that we have to suffer. Suffering is.” We need to meet the challenge and get through it.

But the children, ah, the children. Every adult in the world should be concerned about the children. Seeing that they are fed, clothed, loved, and taught to stand on their own and, that they can be strong enough to do so.

Now, Pro Choice or Pro Life – what lunacy! If you are pro life, that’s self explanatory. But pro choice? Shouldn’t that be pro death? Isn’t that what it’s all about? Shouldn’t you take it further that just a woman’s body, and look at the entire picture? Pro death to an infant is what it’s all about so call it what it is. – Life and Death. You’re for one or the other.


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